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K - 12 Education Programs
Research Reserves Serve as Wonderful Living Classrooms & Living Laboratories!

Estuaries offer a wonderful "living laboratory and classroom" for everyone to discover and to learn more about. Estuaries are dynamic environments with a daily flux of ocean flows mingling with river water, creating a remarkably diverse range of life and ecosystems. As a result, they offer learners a convergence of such fields as Earth systems science, biology, chemistry, geography, geology and marine science.

For example, students develop math skills through detailed measurements, modeling phenomena such as growth and cyclical variation, and analyzing data to make comparisons across multiple estuaries. They develop language skills as they read and write about estuary-related topics and communicate their explorations and findings with other students and scientists. Since estuaries have also played a significant role in human settlement, exploration and development, students gain new eyes on human history, geography and culture.

Join us in teaching and learning about these precious and exciting places!


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