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Education at Chesapeake Bay Reserve in Maryland
  Literacy: Chesapeake Bay Reserve in Maryland reached 10,000 students via 600 estuarine education programs in 2007.
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Scientists utilize the Chesapeake Bay Reserve in Maryland to study the pristine wetlands, but they are not the only ones. Teachers, decision makers, and the general public are welcome, too! The Reserve's education program strives to share the results of research within the reserve as well as estuaries throughout the nation.


The education programs at the Chesapeake Bay Reserve in Maryland provide field experiences for students (pre-school through college), educators and public audiences. The programs are designed to enhance participant’s awareness and understanding of estuaries and emphasize the interrelationships of coastal habitats and human activities. Field program activities include the exploration of wetlands and salt marsh, submerged aquatic vegetation, shallow water habitats, collection of fish, crabs and other invertebrates as well as water quality and watershed studies.


The reserve field programs inform participants about estuarine habitats and the organisms that exist there while experiencing their environment first-hand. Vessels, canoes, and hiking on trails and boardwalks are the means used to gain access to a diverse set of field sites. 

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